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    SOAP Response cannot be decoded.


      Hello Everybody,


      I created a simple web service in asp.net using the c# sharp language. The web service extracts data from an MS SQL Database, translates that data in to xml, assigns the xml to a string varible and returns  the string varible to what ever called the service. I know the web service works becuase if you call it in a web browser at the following address http://www.jmmortimer.com/dataaccess/sqlhelper.asmx?wsdl, it will show you the xml that represents web service. Plus, I tested it by calling it in an asp.net application. However when I call it from a Flex 3 application it gives me the following error message. SOAP Response cannot be decoded. Raw response: " faultCode="DecodingError" faultDetail="null" The code that I have in Flex 3 is below. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please let me know. Thanks in advance.



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>














      xmlns:mx=http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml layout="absolute">













      import mx.rpc.soap.LoadEvent;

      import mx.rpc.events.ResultEvent;












      private function getData(evt:LoadEvent):void











      var connString:String = "Data Source=Family\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=SDJames;User ID=sa;Password=Password1";

      var storedProc:String = "GetAuxiliaries";






      myService.GetDataTable(connString, storedProc)














      private function resultHandler(evt:ResultEvent):void















      test.text = String(evt.result);

















      <mx:WebService id="myService" wsdl="http://jmmortimer.com/dataaccess/sqlhelper.asmx?WSDL"

      load="getData(event)" result="resultHandler(event)" />

      <mx:TextArea id="test" x="10" y="10" width="452" height="348"/>





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          stjonathanmark Level 1

          Hello Again Everybody,


          I have found the answer to my problem. The Problem was that I had the wrong value assigned the variable "connString" insted of  "Data Source=Family\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=SDJames;User ID=sa;Password=Password1", it should have been "Data Source=Family\\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=SDJames;User ID=sa;Password=Password1". Don't you just hate how just  messing up with one character can mess up you entire application. Thanks to everybody who took time to look over my problem.


          God Bless