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    How to set an actionscript class runnable + some question?

    ppk luk

      Dear all,


        i am new to actionscript (Flex 3).


        i am from java camp and i want to achive some java-style functionality in actionscript,and hope you can help me:


        1. how to set an actionscript class runnable??


            in java, i just add a "public static void main(String[] args)" method which will be the program entry point. (IDE, right click the class and click run)


            i can't set a plain, ordinary actionscript runnable in flex builder.

            To test the class, i have to create an mxml (which in turn invoke the testing class) and it be runnable in the flex builder 3.


            any other way to ease the testing?


         2. it there any good 3rd party library for datatype conversion ? (e.g. string <> date, the build-in DateFormatter don't accept milliseconds)...

             it seems actionscript come with limited such kind of utility function


         3. in a custom mxml component, which contains several controls (say testboxes, comboboxes)...etc,

             for information hiding/prevent others to change the child controls in the custom component, how can i hide the child control, not allow

             other code to access the child by  "Component.textbox1"....any scope modifier, e.g. protected, private...etc in mxml?



         thank you.


      ppk luk