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    Flex Application swf is not taking new updated values from XML, has to rebuid

    Mohan.G Level 1



      I have done a flex Quote generator kind of Calculator which has some 5-6 drop down boxes to which the values are getting from an external XML file.
      When am compiling and building the application the values are getting to the all controls, but the issue what am facing is when am uploading the swf file and the XML file to server and if am changing the values in the XML later then the swf is showing the old values instead of the new one.


      One thing what I noticed is that if am changing the xml values from the particular folder where the whole project is saved then the swf is taking the new values but if am copying the folder and pasting some other directory and trying to change the values its not working.
      Generally there is a Caching issue happening when at compile time what values are there in the XML file the swf is holding the same values instead of looking for the XML values.For getting the new values the only way am finding is to recompile the whole project.


      Please advise me regarding this.