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    frustum clipping u,v problem


      Hi all,

      I'm building a 3d portal engine and i have problem with the u,v texture cord clipping.

      I am using this formula for the u,v calculation (where s is the intersection point distance from the plane and the inside vector):
      u = u1 - s*(u2-u1)
      v = v1 - s*(v2-v1)

      I'm posting 2 example links of my engine, one with the frustum portal clipping:

      and one without the clipping:

      you can move with direction keys and "a", "d" for walking left and right.

      can someone tell me how to do the u,v clipping right?


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          g.u.y Level 1

          OK, i solved the problem!


          I find out that when I'm using objects with quad faces or more,
          the texture is bending after the frustum clipping.
          But when I'm using models with triangles only,
          the texture looks fine after the clipping.


          Thanks anyway,