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      Greetings fellow filmmakers/editors! Here's one for you; I've edited a short film 1hr in length. I edited the project in PP vers. 7, right near completion I encountered the infamous "Sorry, Premiere Pro has encountered a serious problem and needs to close" messag. Typically deleting the preference folders will fix this problem. Not this time! From tech support I got list of 22 solutions none of which have worked. Totally frustrated I installed CS3 thinking maybe this updated vers. may not suffer from this problem. Well after opening the project in CS3 it too gave the same error message. I have since uninstalled & reinstalled both versions (one at a time). First upon reinstalation of the older version I found that now the project gives the error message when I try opening the project, so where before it was only occuring when I'd place the cursor on the timeline in a certain area of the project; now it won't open at all.

      Now in CS3 it opens but when I try to export it in any way (To tape, Encore, Media encoder, etc) I get a runtime error!!! LOSING MY MIND!!! PLEASE HELP!!!