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    Need to switch from Win to Mac


      I have been trying for over two weeks to get adobe to switch over my license from CS3 for Windows to CS3 Mac. I waited on the phone for over an hour then later for over two hours until my battery died for customer service area to answer.  And I have sent numerous web requests.


      Customer Service tells me to contact Sales; Sales tells me to contact Customer Support. 


      At one point, I really thought someone had read my request because they instructed me to fill out a Letter of Destruction - I did, but the request died in place shortly thereafter. 


      I then submitted a new request (for someone to check on the original request ticket) because no on would respond to the original one (I assumed that it was just lost in limbo - it happens).


      The customer service rep then sent me a letter saying to contact Sales and that he had closed out the request since it was resolved.  I guess it was about to reach their service level threshold and he needed to maintain "good numbers."


      I have searched the web and I know that Adobe's customer service seems to be  ranked at the very bottom, but any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I could use a mailing address or email for Shantanu Narayen (CEO/President) or John Warnock (co-chairman) if anyone has it.  It really is at a point that it would be easier to obtain an illegal license than to try to maintain a legal copy, which is really saying something.  Please email me at davreed@bellsouth.net.