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    Functionality proposal in Kuler




      Please forgive me for my english mistakes.


      I've discovered kuler some days ago and noticed a missing functionality in the "Create" user interface.


      When matching the colors, I can only view them in the five small squares. Moreover, there is always a white outline on the selected color that is disturbing for color match. Wouldn't it be great to be able to preview the themes as it is possible in the "Theme" user interface, when the theme is clicked and expanded almost full-screen, without any outline or anything else? The only way now to acheive this is to compose a theme, save it, go in the "MyKuler"->"Themes", select the saved theme, and expand it. If corrections are to be made, I have to make a copy of the theme and edit it. I repeat this until I have a good theme I'm happy with.


      An even better update would be to preview the colors in a complete full screen interface, without disturbance from the black background (or being able to change the background color), and be able to resize the color columns to fit their importance in the composition. Or maybe it would be a good idea to provide different preview presets, such as a generic website preview, a background with squares, or anything relevant.


      I didn't know where to file this request for a new functionality, so I decided to post it here.