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    Fireworks batch command changes original colors


      Is anyone having this problem? When I run a batch command on CMYK jpgs, it changes the files to RGB mode and in some cases the colors are drastically changed. I am aware that the 2 modes  will display colors "slightly" different, and I don't mind the final product being RGB, but the way Fireworks handles it is too extreme. When I change modes in other bitmap programs, like Corel PhotoPaint or Adobe PhotoShop, the overall conversion is very much acceptable and the color change is so minute that it's hardly noticeable.


      And before you jump down my back about using "non Adobe" software, keep in mind that all software has it's strong and weak points and I've been using the program  that gets the job done right since they  were introduced back in the late '80s.


      Fireworks is one of my favorite programs, and the batch command saves time, but the color glitch is unacceptable. Does anyone know of a fix for this or a possible workaround (without creating more steps than the batch command saves)?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Fireworks does not handle cmyk at all, just rgb(a).


          To preserve your cymk colors, your best option would be Ps > File > Scripts > Image Processor


          Ps > File > Automate > Batch (with associated Action)


          If using the Suite: Bridge > Tools > Photoshop (Batch and Image Processor options are there)


          For simple batch saves- in Bridge: enable Open jpg as Camera Raw > Select Images > Open in Camera Raw > Slect All > then lower left hit Save Images for the Save Options dialog.



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            don2d23 Level 1

            thanks h,

            these were helpful suggestions ... and I just looked into them all briefly.

            but Ps doesn't offer much in the way of batch "Actions".

            there is no resizing command (?) ... and even in Bridge I would just like a option to

            reduce a batch of images by percentage.


            I might try just converting all files to RGB in Ps or CorelPP, then using Fireworks to do all the other batch commands.


            Thanks for your suggestions (some of which I was unaware of), and I'll keep these tasks in mind for future projects.

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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              Open the Actions Panel and click the Panel property icon, you should see a few extra Action sets that don't load automatically by default - namely, the Production set. Select that one and in this set are a few items to check out/scutinize/learn from to help create the action you need.


              On another note, here's a link to an olden golden that makes use of Conditional statements that may fit your needs



              Though I have not tried this with newer builds.