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    Timeline control in AS3 on Frame Load? Jeff


      This is what I hate about flash upgrades :-)  What was simple is now documented by 15 pages of chicken scratches.  I have searched through the docs and am just lost. 


      What I want to do was simple enough in AS2: onClipEvent (EnterFrame)





      But can't be done now.   It doesn't work as a frame action either without the onClipEvent.

      All I want to do is go from the last frame of the timeline to frame 2 and skip the preloader.


      How the heck do I do that in AS3?   I've searched online and cannot find the method, and perhaps search terms don't work. Anything I can find applies to AS2.


      Thanks in advance.

      BTW, for some reason I cannot apply any actions to an MC on the stage. Weird.