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    Funky file names appearing !SSL! > FlashHelp subfolder (e.g., FAE4D~1.HTM)

    pjv@gs Level 1

      We have a RoboHelp 7 project that is currently being generated as FlashHelp, shortly going to be RoboHelp 8 > FlashHelp Pro as we've installed RoboHelp Server 8.  Before we move to RoboHelp 8 > FlashHelp Pro, I want to understand why certain topics that look fine in the project top level folder are showing up in !SSL! > FlashHelp folder with a funky file name.


      In preparation for the conversion to RoboHelp 8, we just went through all of our projects and shortened up file names, checked for special characters in file names, made sure that spaces were replaced with underscores in file names, etc.  Specifically, we found that long file names in the project folder would result in odd named files in the !SSL!>FlashHelp folders. So, we spent a lot of time shortening up file names.  We also blew away the old FlashHelp folder and re-generated to make sure that the funky names were not included. I checked the backup of the clean up day's !SSL!>FlashHelp folders and there were NO funky file names (i.e., ~ in the file names).


      One day after the clean up, we did some edits to the project but not to the files in question. When I look at the newly generated !SSL!>FlashHelp folder, we have 2 topic files with odd names.   See attached jpg file that shows the project file with the correct file name and then the !SSL!>FlashHelp folder that has the odd file names.


      How do I stop this from happening as it is very annoying?