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    PDF Form on a Webpage


      I have created my form in LiveCycle and now I am going to put in on a webpage to have a user fill it out. The issue I am coming into play is that they might not have Reader or Acrobat installed on the machine. Is there a way that they can still fill out the form without either of these installed?

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          Hodmi Level 4

          You need something at the client end that can understand PDFs. Acrobat and Reader are the most popular, but there are 3rd party apps (not sure if they can read the newer xfa format documents).


          If you can't guarentee that the clients will have some client (Reader is free by the way), then render the document as HTML

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            rjaskelton Level 1

            Yeah that's what I feared. Is there a way to create the HTML from the PDF? I have tried to save it as HTML in Acrobat, but it doesn't render it correctly. I have a bunch of check boxes that don't show up correctly.

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              Hodmi Level 4

              If you are using LiveCycle Forms (the server side tool) to generate your document (based on your XDP template) then there is a service for generating the document as an HTML.


              One other thing you may consider is creating a Guide using the LiveCycle Design tool.  That will generate a Flash document (of course your audience will also need the Adobe Flash player installed).

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                rjaskelton Level 1

                I don't think I have server side tools installed. All I have is the Live Cycle Designer program. I have never used the guides before, but I will take a look at it.