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    If statement for a wrong & right answer


      Ok, Hello and thank you for viewing. Here is what the project consist of




      1. ISSUE breakdown


      2. You input your answer in a INPUT text box


      3. Click enter -button-


      4. There is a wrong answer which is Ox and the correct answer is O


      4. Depending on your answer it jumps you to Wrong answer screen Or congratulations!!

      the code entered looks different from the book,


      it shows this;


      on (release) {


         If (_answer=="/Ox")


          (_root.answer.gotoandplay (5) }



      then theres another one


      on (release) {


          if (answer== Ox) {




      (5)= the correct screen and (10) is the incorrect screen if they choose=O


      the variable for the input text box = answer



      Thanks for your help