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    Adobe shoddy Customer Support


      Sorry for ranting in a unrelated form. But, if you have experienced the shoddy quality of the customer support provided by Adobe, you would sympathize with me. They sent me the wrong license key and it has been a pain working with them. The waiting time to speak to a so called "customer support representative" is typically 20-30 mins. The customer support representatives are not knowledgable at all and keep transferring your calls till you get frunstrated and hangup. So, now my license does not work and no one in Adobe knows why and they hardly seem to care.


      From the discussions that I have had with the community Even though their products are amazing, such bad customer relation management is giving them a awful reputation.

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          I'm not making excuses for Adobe.  I'm sorry you've had such an experience.


          I read a recent letter, I believe on John Nack's bog site for Adobe, where one of the executives at Adobe was apologizing for recent customer service problems. The ltter acknowledged that customer service was inexcusable and promised to remedy the situation.


          Sounds like they still have a ways to go on the customer service front.



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            I'm glad they're aware of it...but they're not changing it fast-enough.


            Their focus on the customer is all but gone.  I've been using Illustrator since version 6...and I'm contemplating using Corel or Inkster as my primary business software because I'm so angry right now.  I've had an issue for over a week that they haven't been able to fix.  The only solution they offer is to buy new software, yet I read on these forums that v. CS4 is having problems too.  There's no way in hell I'll buy a new piece of software without a guarantee that it's not going to make the problem better.

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              Update: I spent 82 mins on Friday before my call was answered!!


              The person who answered my call had no idea about Adobe products. He had such a strong accent that I have no idea if he was talking English or some other language (sounded like portuguese). When I demanded that the call be transfered to his boss, he says in a strong accent: "I am the boss over here"!


              I sold all my Adobe stocks today, before it is too late!

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                I am  unable to get through to the adobe help line,its not working ! though I did  receive a reply from adobe via an email I sent via this website - I was really excited thought they might of solved my problem, I was told to put in my serial number again and it would be ok, my software would be re-activated - but it is not activated and I cannot de-activate the software on my old computer because the motherboard completley failed - Though I am told I am allowed two activations...


                I tried phoning the help line again but its not working - I hope I receive a email by monday which resolves the problem or the help line starts working again - Otherwise I will have to turn down the job I was planning to do, as I just can't afford to buy the software again - and why should I, I have the discs in front of me all 5 discs of which I brought over  a period of 12 years.


                I am really not happy I should be working not writing complaining posts..


                If an adobe person is reading this help me out PLEASE, PLEASE -I have had really bad luck recently, my computer died on me just after the warrenty ran out after two years, I have had to buy a new computer and now I can't use the software that I own because I can't re-activate it, because your help phone-lines aren't working...


                I have the serial number for my failed computer so I can prove that I owned that computer and mac have registrared it as failing if that is any help to proving that I own my software that I brought..