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    Updates from outside processes


      I have a flex client application that is connected to an LCDS back end. I also have another, seperate Java application that makes updates to the same database. Is there any way for those updates to automatically be propagated to the flex client? For instance if a row is added to table X and the flex application has a datagrid bound to table 'X', to have that newly added row automatically show up in the datagrid without having to call a fill or something of that sort?

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          As you eluded to, the Data Management Service, an Assembler, and the push API in the DataServiceTransaction class is the preferred method. There is not a simple solution. Some may lump the Assembler pattern into that group.


          JMS is a potential option. Depending on the database (Oracle and DB2 possibly), you may be able to create triggers for inserts, updates, and deletes and from them push data out to JMS.



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            mgd134 Level 1

            Thanks Steve. I was hoping there may be an easier way to do it. We will probably implement this at a later time when we have a few extra development cycles. I will come back and ask some more questions then.