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    Please install a web browser error when generating htm documents



      I have looked through the forums and did find some ideas to try to fix this issue but none have worked so far. One idea was to go into the Windows folder options and make sure that htm and html files are assoiciated with Internet Explorer. I looked into this and IE was already set as the default application to open htm/html files. Just for grins I looked in the control panel's program access and defaults and confirmed the primary web browser was also set to IE.


      A bit of background...

      Windows XP pro machine, with RH 8. Also, using IE 8 with the lastest updates applied. Also, I can generate other smaller RH projects from this PC and other PCs can generate the project I'm having trouble with. So I am fairly certain the problem is not the PC or the project in question. A Windows problem maybe??


      Any help would be great.