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    Cant justify text

    woopit Level 1

      Am using CS3. Just want to simply justify text. text is in a bounding box. Am using soft returns, but type wont justify. ANy tips please. I've done this my entire career and today I cant get it to work. What's wrong w./me anyway?! Thanks folks.

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          Jacob Bugge MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Presuming you are using Area Type today too, you may have corrupted preferences.


          You may try the dirty destructive Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Option+Shift at startup, or the more thorough and reversible one, namely to Move the folder

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            For sure you have a bounding box but you have point text.


            Wat you need is a text frame to create area type.


            Take the text tool and drag it to make a text frame, copy your text that you already created, click with the text tool inside your text frame and paste the text you copied now apply the justification.


            I don't think this has anything to d with your preferences or settings. Just a moment of user confusion.

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              woopit Level 1

              Yes-Wade the text is in a text box (Im all flustered today!)-it's just not working. Now a co-worker just told me that CS3 & CS4 has a bug that wont let you justify text. She said there was a post back in June about it-is that right? Dont think its a question of my prefs bc no one here can do it.


              Let me just clarify one thing-if I apply justify it will justify the text. But if I try to break it where I want w/soft returns it will not justify the lines where I want. Does Single-line, Every line composer have anything to do with it bc I have tried it w/both options. Please advise. Thanks.

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                Scott Falkner Level 5

                The bug is not that Illustrator can't justify text, it's that it sucks at it. Try playing with the justification settings (in the Paragraph panel's menu).

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                  woopit Level 1

                  Yeah-but that has to change per line or paragraph right? Well-at least I found out I havent gone completely mad... yet! Thanks for the clarification guys.

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                    I see what you meant I read your post wrong and thanks for clarifying it yes this is a bug. The soft return is actually fairly new to Illustrator and it took some doing on the part of a lot of people at the forum to make it happen.


                    I think they will solve this problem once they see the wisdom of incorporating another feature that is lacking which is the use of the enter key to navigate to the next column of text when a text frame has more than one column.


                    I think this feature will help complete the code for the text engine so it an act like other programs and as users expect.


                    Also inline graphics wil make it stronger as well.


                    Once these are there I think the code will have to remove the code that restrict such expected behavior and the major problems with Illustrotrs text engine will evaporate.

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                      woopit Level 1

                      Thanks Wade.