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    Database ... Again ¯.¯


      Hello guys,


      I'm currently trying to creat, well, kind a "browser game", with Flash...  I can do,for now, about everything in this game, exept for "saving".


      I tought about few things, but since im trying to make something with account, the best (and only I think) way to do the "save" system, would be with databases. I'm totaly new to servers and all that, but to continue a need to find a way to :


      -Load all info from the database( either keep it active and edit it for each action, or load all the data to flash variable)

      -Save all the data ( for the variable case)

      -Access the data only after connection.


      I would like to use Access, since i am already familiarize with it...

      Im praying you can help me... or mayby give a website or two who can help . =D