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    Having browser crash issues with flash debug player.


      About a week or two ago the following started to happen.


      I am working on an actionscript project in Flash Builder Beta, with the Flash debug player installed. It has always worked perfectly.


      At some point this past week, I launched a project with the debugger. The browser (safari on mac) froze (giving me the spinning beach ball of death). I force quit safari and tried again. Same issue. I performed a clean build and ran the project, not using the debugger. Safari froze again.


      I then tried to open another page with a flash application in it in safari (unrelated to my project). It froze again. I then noticed that when Safari froze, Firefox and Opera *also* froze, which were also both running, but with no flash content. (that is nuts!)


      I then tried to run my project from the Flash IDE. Flash Froze. (also nuts!)


      After restarting my machine, everything seemed to work alright until I run a debug session from Flash Builder again.


      I finally deinstalled the debug player and installed the non-debug player and everything works fine, except of course for the fact that I can't debug my applications now from Flash Builder.


      Has anybody else run into this issue? Is there a workaround?


      When the flash player hangs up I can't find any particular processes running on the machine that look suspect, so not really sure what the best approach would be. I have *not*, and I prefer not to, reinstall Flash Builder or create a new workspace. But if anyone has had this problem and solved it by doing either of those 2 things, let me know.



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          I've come across the same problem with Flex Builder 3 on the Mac. I think it has something to do with Flash debug player 10 when launched from the Flex Builder.

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            plasticstare Level 1

            Interesting. I also found it to be a bug with the player 10 as well -- reverting to 9 still works fine (other than missing 10 features). Still trying to figure out what the cause exactly is.


            After finding out about the local connection bug in Flash 10 for OSX, I started looking a bit at that as a possible culprit. Reverting to the earlier Flash 10 player before that bug still did not fix the issue.

            However, I did find that it *seems* that I only run into the issue when trying to utilize advertising services, wherein a ad service swf is loaded (such as google, adotube, or adaptv). A quick (but definitely not thorough) test yesterday seemed to indicate that my project can be debugged with no problem as long as those external swfs (all of which I believe use local connection to some degree in order to provide an AS3 adapter for their AS2 ad server swfs) were not loaded.


            I'll post more if I discover this to definitely be the case