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    CS4 - Color Management - Multiple Users




      Here is what I hope to be a question that some of you have encountered and solved already. I've tried dealing with Adobe on this, and even went as far as to purchase a pricey Gold Support Program, but that has turned out to be a waste of money so far (response times are horrible, and the "engineers" cannot seem to provide anything more than basic application usage support).


      I am running CS4 on Windows 7 and I am looking to set up a custom CSF file for standardizing our color management policies across all of our CS4 apps. The workstations will be used by multiple users, so we configure the default account as we would like, and have new accounts replicate off of that.


      The problem we are having is that the CS4 apps, and especially Acrobat, what CSF files in:




      When I place the CSF file there when I am customizing the default user account, the file would then reside in:




      The problem with this is that when new user profiles replicate off of the default account, the CS4 apps prefs point it to that folder for their CSF file, and I get errors, because the new profiles will not have privs to read from that directory.


      So, in response to this, I have created a folder in the root of C and stored the CSF there. In Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign I can load the CSF file from that location manually. Unfortunately, Bridge doesn't see's only the current users color settings folder, so it cannot see it, but if I set the three apps above before I launch Bridge, Bridge recognizes the CSF. The issue is Acrobat, which seems only to see "Custom" for color settings.


      Further, when new profiles are replicated off of this setup, it breaks entirely.


      So, what I'm hoping is that someone here has had to configure color management for CS4 in a mutliuse environment, and that you may have a strategy for this.


      Is there a way to specify the CSF file for each of the apps with a registry key? This would be easiest...


      Please, any thoughts are welcomed.