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    After 7.0 シリアルが無効になる


      助けて下さい!大変困っています。Creative Suiteのインストール時、1枚目のディスクを入れると再起動してしまい効果だけ起動時の後にシリアルを求められます。









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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Can you post your question in English? I'm afraid there's not too many people speaking Japanese here.



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            TimeRemapper Level 4

            Something about installation issues.

            I gave babelfish a shot at translating it, and here's what I got:


            Please help! It has been troubled very much. when the installing Creative Suite, the 1st disk is inserted, it restarts and just the effect is required the serial after when the starting. (You can use the other software without problem! ) The picture for the individual of the software coming out, even when inserting the serial of version of the time before, whatever doing, it makes error, serial number is invalid. With it comes out. Furthermore, un trying to install " Modification it is not, installation being completed " The tub having become unable to use, (having become, tub it turns gray which is not [re]) it is not possible. Telephoning to support, when support period has passed, it cannot have corresponding with thing Although after this, CS3 it is the schedule which upgrades but raising this way, there is no problem, probably will be? The same condition it isn't? Difficulty [tsu] which job is not possible and the [te] at truth is About reply we ask may!