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    Mini Table of Contents all throughout manual


      I have also posted this in the "Printed Documentation" section. Sorry if that breaks a rule but Im not too sure where it belongs...

      I am writing a user manual (obviouslly), and would like to be able to accomplish the following in my printed PDF Doc.

      Robohelp has created my master TOC which is very nice. It dynamically displays the page number, and also allows you to click on a a section, and it jumps to it. However, within the body of my manual, I have sort of "mini table of contents". For example, it will read:

      Contents of this section:
      Accomplishing Task 1
      Accomplishing Task 2
      Accomplishing Task 3

      I want to be able to link the items in the "mini TOC" to page numbers. Obviouslly I can setup up hyperlinks to bookmarks, but I want to be able to dynamically print page numbers and have the "hyperlink like" capabilities to it, as the master TOC has. Keep in mind, I am not talking about the main table of contents. I want these mini TOC's to be all throughout the manual. For example, I want it to read:

      Contents of this section:
      Accomplishing Task 1........page 6
      Accomplishing Task 2 .......page 8
      Accomplishing Task 3........page 12

      You should be able to click on those topics, and the page numbers should be determined by RH.

      Any takers?