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    Elementary Question about default settings


      Is there any way to turn of "frame blend" and the linking between audio and video by default?  It's so annoying to have to uncheck those options everytime.  Thank you so much!

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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Nope, no toggles for these. But:


          1. Frame Blend has no effect if your clips do not have any speed changes applied, or if they're used in a sequence that matches their frame rate, so no need to turn it off. You can turn Frame Blend off on multiple clips, however. If they're not in use in your sequence, select them all (or just select the bin that contains them) in the Project panel, and select Clip > Video Options > Frame Blend. If the clips are in use in a sequence, lasso or otherwise select all the clips, and either right-click and deselect Frame Blend, or use Clip > Video Options > Frame Blend.
          2. Hold down the Alt key as you select the video or audio portion of a clip in a sequence, and you'll temporarily "break" the link. If you move the selected portion of the clip, the link will be broken permanently. Otherwise, use the "Drag Video Only" and then the "Drag Audio Only" icons in the Source monitor to put both into sequence, but be unlinked.