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    Weekly workout Calendar in flex


      Hey Guys,


      I need to create a weekly workout calendar in flex.


      The patients/users should be able to enter the daily workouts details, which would include things like which exercise they did, for how long etc.

      The patients should be able to add as many rows of data as they need. For example if they did two different kinds of exercise today, they should be able to enter details of both of these.


      So each day should be clikable, which should open up another window with the fields that they can choose from (like a dropdown with exercise names, drop down with frequency etc) and save it.


      Also they should be able to browser to the previous week and see what they entered and edit it if needed.


      I have been trying to figure out how to go about this, but still clueless 


      The app needs to keep a tab of the current week/date so it can display the calendar with current week when the user logs in. Also when the browse button is clicked then somehow that too needs to be kept tab of as to how many times the browse is clicked so it can fetch the data for that week from the database.

      For example if the browse button is clicked twice then it needs to fetch the 2 weeks past exercise data.


      Also, I would like to give the users the flexibility to copy the data that they entered for a day to the next day. So, if they did exactly the same exercise, for same duration on Tuesday as they did on Monday, then they shouldn't have to enter all that details again for tuesday, but should be able to copy over the data that they have already entered for Monday and paste it for Tuesday.


      Hope someone out there can help me with this complicated thing. Waiting for my someone.