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    Icon insertion


      Every time I install Reader 9.1 on Vista Home Premium (on a 6 month old laptop) the Adobe Reader icon replaces the other icons on my desktop and when I click on them I get   This File does not have a program associated with it for performing this action.  Create and association in the Set Associations Control Panel.  When I unistall Reader it goes back to normal and work like it should.   I have tried to go into control panel\programs\set your default programs but I am unable to change anything.  I have also gone into Change default settings for media or devices and have notice the adobe icon inplace of everything else.   Does anyone have a clue to why this is happening?

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          Join the club, exactly the same thing has happened to me. Tried all sorts to fix it. The existing icons were overwritten and everything is a link (.lnk) to Reader. Easy solution uninstall Reader and install Foxit. Still, I'd like to know what Adobe has done to my registry. Have attached a screen shot.