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    How to view Illustrator File Version in Windows XP Explorer windows


      On a Mac (Leopard or Snow Leopard) I can add a Version filter to the Finder Windows List Views so I can see what versions my Illustrator Files are saved at and I can see the version and the application that created it if I Get Info on the file.


      In windows XP however I cannot see any Version info even if I right click on the filter bar and add the Version Column to filter by. I also dont see any version of the files if I go under a files attributes. The only thing I can see is File Type which will only show me whatever the version of Illustrator on the machine that will open it.


      The problem is that I dont want older machines that dont have CS4 to open up CS4 files but there is no way for me to tell which files are CS4 and which are saved down to CS2.


      Thanks in Advance,