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    linked files (images)


      Why do my linked files (images) lose their titles when the document is saved as an EPS ...they are there as an .ai native file ...any ideas?

      The thumbnail of the image remains but the title disappears which makes it very difficult to re-link.

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          tman69 Level 3

          EPS--means 'encapsulated post script'--when you save as EPS the linked images become embedded.

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            Gavalini67 Level 1

            yes I know what an EPS is but why bother to show a thumbnail of the images in the links palette and lose the name ...either drop them completely or include the name

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              Scott Falkner Level 5

              The Links panel is poorly named. Embedded images, non-native art (such as gradients in opened PDFs), pasted images from the web or other programs, and linked files are all listed there. A more proper name for the panel would be Non-Native Art.

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                Printer_Rick Level 4

                First I would ask why you choose EPS as a file format, but I trust you have a good reason. If you want to discuss we can.


                Second when you save as EPS, there is an option to "Include Linked Files". You may deselect this to preserve links. AI will flag you when you save.


                The warning is interesting, it says the images must be embedded if the EPS is to be placed and output from another application (something to that effect). But if you do not include the links, the link image data is part of the EPS output anyway. It's just it is not actually embedded in the Illustrator content.


                This same issue can be seen when saving as native AI. If you do not include links, the link image data is still part of the PDF content of the AI file (as long as you save with PDF compatibility, in which case there is no PDF content).


                I think the tendency to embed has a simple explanation. If you place the EPS in InDesign for example, then click "Edit Original" if the links are missing, there is not much you can do with the AI content (actually there is, but it involves trickery with Acrobat)

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  I think the warning means that if you place the eps in another applications document and you do not include the images so the links can be access then you have the problem. When you do this on your own computer it knows where the links are but if you send it to a printer thinking you do not have to send the linked image files along then there really is nothing to print.


                  I mean if they are not embedded and not present then I cannot see how they would print.

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                    Printer_Rick Level 4

                    I have tested previously, will test again. Place links. Save as EPS with no links included. Trash the link files. Distill the EPS. The images are high resolution output.


                    Will look into this further...

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                      Printer_Rick Level 4

                      Just tested. Placed two high resolution images in Illustrator. Saved as EPS without including links. Trashed the links (really trashed, not just moving to trash). Opened the Illy file, links are missing.


                      Distilled the EPS, high resolution images.


                      Placed the EPS in InDesign, output, high resolution images.


                      The problem comes when opening the EPS to make edits, and you don't have the links. But if you don't have a need to edit the EPS in Illustrator, everything is OK.