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    Cylinder shape


      Hi Guys,

      One interesting problem

      I have designed a cylinder shape in flash. The edges of cylinders are coming out and also they are looking blur. But the interesting thing is when I see the cylinder on 300% it is clear and lines are not blurred.

      Can anyone tell me how can I solve this problem?? Please see the attached file.

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          __antonio__ Level 3

          First off, remember that Flash Player is still at the mercy of the little square pieces of light that make up your monitor called pixels. So when rendering vector it still has to draw in any pixels the vector might pass through. Second, you can get a cleaner line if you dont use strokes (sounds strange but its true). If you need the stroke effect, but want the cleaner lines:

          1. Select the stroke

          2. Go to Modify>Shape>Convert Lines to Fills

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            vikrant29nov Level 1

            Thanks for your response.


            I have converted the lines to vector by using 'Convert lines to fills' but the edges are still blur. Can we refine this more...?


            Please check the attachment.

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              __antonio__ Level 3

              did you create this at 100% of its output size, or did you create it in a movieclip then scale that movieclip?


              Scaling the movie clip could give you funky results with images and vectors inside. You should scale the raw vector instead of the mc.