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    3 newbie questions

      Looking for some newbie tips....

      Question 1
      All my www pages look fine here at home on my WindowsXP Mozilla, however when I view them at work (linux system) with either Mozilla or recent Mozilla -firefox I see small thin vertical gaps next to some but not all of my slices. I created the graphics in Firefox then exported it to Dreamweaver. I recently read that I should only use FW for graphics and not html. Is this my problem here? If yes, what is the easiest fix?

      Here are 2 examples

      Question 2
      I share the same graphics for these pages
      Anyway to prevent a reload of just those graphics?

      Question 3
      How can I force the page to load all at once.? I don't like seeing all the gifs pop on as the page loads, it gives away the magic.

      Thanks for taking a look!