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    new created window alive?


      I have a project with a help function. So when i push the F1 button, it loads my help screen in a new window (AIR)
      In my help screen there are images, but they are small, so i want to click them to view a big version of it.

      To achieve this, i use the following code:
      var helppop:bighelpimg= new bighelpimg(); // loads a custom component of type window
      helppop.fullurltoload=fullurl; // gives the url of the image to load to the new window.

      It opens a new window each time i click an image.
      I have to click that window to close it each time.
      ( I use a new window because my helpwindow is not wide enough to use a popup, viewstack or so)

      My question is; Is there a way to see if the created window with my big image is alive? So i can remove it before i create a new one. (Preventing a bunch of new screens on my desktop)

      Another solution on how to show a bigger image is welcome also.

      Greets, Jacob