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    Push application update




      I'm quite new with Adobe Flex and Adobe Air. I start learning Flex a couple of days ago and I'm seriously loving the possibility's with it!


      I've made an application to track some poker score's, I get the information from an .php wich I convertet to an XML. And download it with an httpService. The update goes in the application tag with creationComplete(xml.send()).


      Now i got 2 questions:

      - When the application is getting the information from the list.php and putting it into the datagrid, it takes a while to load the information. Is there a way to get a preloader, an status bar or a circle that tells you that the application is getting the information?


      - I work on the application almost every day, fixing bugs etc. Now what I want is when there is a new build, i put the .air on my server and when someone opens the application he has installed, he get's an pop up that there is a new update available and when he presses the OK button or Upgrade button he installs the build.


      I hope someone could help!


      - PuddingbroodjeNL