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    Server To AIR-Client Communication

      I'm working on designing a new application for a long-time client. One thing he wants is a website that people can log into using desktop apps. I've done some research and it looks like AIR (using flex or ajax) would be a good fit for this, but I'm hoping someone will let me know if there are any gotchas that would make this impossible.

      The idea is, there would be two different call centers. A customer would call in, and the call center person would take their information by phone and enter it into a website. But they'd need additional information from another call center while they're on the phone. So they'd create a new "ticket" through the website.

      The other call center would be logged in to one of these desktop apps. Reason being, they're handling a bunch of different clients and can't be relied upon to be monitoring a web page. The app would interrupt them much like an IM client would as soon as the ticket would be created on the website. That notification would be sent to everyone logged into the Desktop app.

      Then one of them would claim it through the desktop app. Everyone else (the website user and the other desktop app users) would be notified it would be claimed. The claimer would input more information into the desktop app and press submit. The original website user would be notified and would then have the information they need for the person on the phone.

      It seems to me like this is possible because of how it's possible to send deltas to an AIR client app, which would be listening to the server. Is this correct?

      And also, if the website user had their own desktop app, would they be able to chat back and forth directly, like through normal IM clients? I'm guessing the messages would always have to be passed through the server, huh.

      Thanks for any thoughts.