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    Adobe AIR - How to prevent caching?




      We use Adobe AIR as a one-site-browser for our users.

      which means that all of the content and data reside in our server and all they have, installed on their PC, is an iframe.


      From time to time we encounter issues with users who can't get our application working, or get an older version of our pages.

      What we saw after investigation is that the pages are being cached and stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder (where IE keeps its cache).

      When the user try to clear the Browsing History from inside IE it does not clear our pages from the cache, only manual delete works.

      We tried to add the following meta to our pages with no success:



      The manual deletion is not a solution, is there a way to make Adobe AIR not to save our pages (.html and .js files) in the cache?


      Please Advice,