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    createTOC cs4 desktop and cs4 server wrong run

    Sara Peroni

      I've a script that create 3 different table of content, I've prepared for everyone a TOC style.

      The procedure must add a page at begin of document, create toc (myTOC) in the right position with the options:


      After this, add a new page at begin of document, create the second toc (myTOC2; .createTOC(myTOC2,0,'',[40,47])) and finally add a new page and create the third toc (myTOC2; .createTOC(myTOC3,0,'',[40,47])) with correct style.

      When run script with indesign cs4 desktop version the result is perfect.

      But when use the server version something wrong.
      The 3 toc are all create in the first page without moving it in the rigth place.

      Someone can help me please?