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    Flash CS4 line spacing in Snow Leopard


      I've just switched over to Mac OS 10.6 and found that the line spacing has changed in my files. Basically it seems to have increased the line spacing so the static text fields take up more space. I've updated Flash and I'm now on 10.6.1 but the problem remains. It doesn't do this on 10.5.8 or in InDesign and SL (but it does do a similar thing in Quark 7.5). It doesn't seem to matter what font it is either. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          I have the same problem!


          I thought I was crazy until I found this post. I couldn't figure out why all my line spacing of static text was off.


          I am manually going through right now to change the line spacing to my desired height. Do you know if it changes again?

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            RogueFour Level 1

            Hey FlipMacoy,


            Don't do that, save your time!


            There was a problem with Postscript 1 typefaces and Snow Leopard (not confined to Flash, but also affected other apps including Quark 7), but the new SL update (think it came out last week) has fixed those issues.


            You just need to run Software Update and get the latest version of SL, and then everything should go back to normal.

            I've only tried two files, but they appear as I would expect them to.


            Good luck.

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              FlipMacoy Level 1

              Thanks RogueFour.


              I actually only happened to notice the problem after I upgraded to 10.6.2

              which is the update I believe you are talking about.


              I ended up removing the type 1 fonts from my library's font folder, opening

              the fla and when prompted had Flash map the type 1 font to an open font. But

              I still had to go in and modify some of the layout to accommodate the change

              in font.


              Am I the only one still having the problem even with the update? The font I

              was using was futura, in CS4