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    Socket Policy File Help


      Need some help in loading policy file for sockets in flex..


      i've tried loadPolicyFile() and also ive tried the server writing the policy file

      in text form to the flash player in text..

      But flash player is not responding.connection is refused.

      Any help is appreciated.


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          babo_ya Level 3

          Make sure that the crossdomain.xml is served from a socket server.



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            skanthi Level 1

            Ours is a Java socket server.I program the client . The App is workin well when it's been run from my system hosted in a Tomcat server.


            The Server writes the socket policy file as soon as it encounters policy-file-request from the flash player.



            it's goin well.but when i try to run the same app hosted in same tomcat server ..the connection is getting refused..


            the flash player is not responding to the policy file written by the server...


            that's the problem...need help it's very urgent


            thankx in advance

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              Did you get any more information on this?  Did you find you were able to serve the policy file from the requested socket or did you have to have a policy socket at 843?



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                skanthi Level 1



                We have figured out the way. We finally had a custom socket server running on a random port that serves the policy file and passed the server address , port to Security.loadPolicyFile . That is working just fine.