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    Getting a double browser after I publish to html



      I am new to Captivate 4 and publishing to html. I recorded a simulation and I published to html. During the preview it played fine, in the one browser (I recorded from our company intranet). after I published, I went to file and clicked on the .htm file and two browers appear. I have attached the pic below. Did I do something wrong during publishing? I have tested other demos and the same thing keep happening.



      How do I go about recording when I have my full screen and have to scoll? I don't want my user to have to scroll. I have played with setting and I find that 960x720 is a nice recording size, however, upon output, the user has to scroll. I rescaled the project to 800 x 600, but I understand there is a quality loss. If I record in 800 x 600, there is to much scrolling on my end, I think that is distracting to the viewer. Any thoughts/suggestions?


      Thanks for your time! This newbie appreciates it.