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    Files for Burning


      My movie file is way to big for any CD to burn on...when transerred to Quicktime file it becomes a 13.1 GB size file, and my DVD only holds 700 MB....is there a way to get this file burned? Do I split it up?  Or do I need a DVD with more space? any solutions?

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          Curt Wrigley Level 4

          When you encode it for DVD it will shrink in size to fit.  DVDs cannot play quicktime files; they must be in MPG2 format.


          You can encode it in encore or in Pr.


          Edit:  Sorry I see you said CD.  Ignore the top of this then.


          QT is not the most effecient format for encoding a video to a smaller format.   Which format?  It depends on what you want to do with it.   IS this for mass distribution, for web?

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            lilsull13 Level 1

            So If I export this to a MPEG2 file it should shrink it allowing me to burn it on a DVD? ( DVD-RW holds 700 MB and DVD-R that holds 4.7 MB)

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              lilsull13 Level 1

              sorry yes I meant for DVD...this is just for a boss to see to approve...is PR premiere?

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                Curt Wrigley Level 4

                Yes.  If you import the file into Encore, it will auto encode it for you

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                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you have PPro CS3 or 4 you have Encore bundled


                  Export your final version as DV AVI Type 2 with 48khz sound to an AVI file


                  Open Encore and use that AVI file to create a DVD... use the AUTOMATIC transcode setting and Encore will make the video fit a DVD at the "best possible" quality setting

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                    lilsull13 Level 1

                    I am getting contridicting advice that is making this more confusing. My project is done. I want to burn it. Do I have to go through media encoder first? Or can I send it to Encore and will it take the large file and fit it on a DVD? Or do I have to reformat it on Encore as well in order for it to fit?

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                      lilsull13 Level 1

                      What is the 8.54 GB dual layer about? Also, it saying that I have no End Action set,Time Remote Set, an Orphan Timeline, and the options to set it consist of chapter 1 and stop....how do i set this up in order to burn with no problems?

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                        Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        The easiest way is to send your timeline to Encore and let Encore do the transcoding.

                        As said earlier if you film in the timeline is under 2 hours your project will fit on 1 DVD.

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                          lilsull13 Level 1

                          Is this also a mult hour marathon experience???? I can barely let it build because it's telling me I have Orphan timelines and I dont understand what any of the property options mean...what buttons play it and what happens when it is done playing is what i think it is asking me....but i dont know what i'm pressing to get this to start, i got it to start with no problems after the check but now its taking forever and stalling at one spot

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            Reading the manual from front to cover is a good place to start.

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                              lilsull13 Level 1

                              On a little bit of a deadline...can't be reading entire manuals to get my project from my computer to a DVD....with all the wonderful things this program does I can't get my project from my computer to a DVD, even if its large, in under 6 hours? It's seeming to be alot more complicated than it should be.

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                                lilsull13 Level 1

                                My file is acutally building right now...but has stalled at the same spot for about 15-20 minutes...Is really going to take that long? or is there a problem? I cant wait here 6 hours for this thing to get stuck or to run into a problem once it is done.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7
                                  I can't get my project from my computer to a DVD, even if its large, in under 6 hours?


                                  That is quite some time to get started on the manual.

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                                    lilsull13 Level 1

                                    Well thanks, I'll try and find the manual. It Encore's build process finishes, will my project be on the DVD?

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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      No, you need to author first and then burn. Those 6 hours will be well spent on the manual.

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                                        lilsull13 Level 1

                                        Ok, so what is this "build progress" thing that is happening now? I'm also now exporting the movie to an MPEG2- DVD file....if this " build progress" isn't going to create a DVD, should I just stop it?? Though it's been progressing for awhile...but if its not doing anything useful then i will just stop it, and allow the space on the computer to export to an MPEG2 DVD file so I can start over from there..

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                                          Harm Millaard Level 7

                                          Start reading and it will become clear, or get a basic education in video editing.

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                                            lilsull13 Level 1

                                            You know what I've had enough of this manual ********. I dont have the manual. I want to know, if I should start over and stop this building process, and export is an MPEG2-DVD file, and THEN bring it encore. Don't have to make me feel like an idiot this is suppose to be a forum that helps people, not belittles them. I do lack a ton of education, but i'm smart, an learn well and know that my questions can be hard to answer because of my lack of education in this program and wouldn't have a job as an editor if i didnt have SOME clue as to what i was doing. PLEASE: should i start over following the advice, the good advice, from the site, by creating an MPEG 2-DVD file, and then bring that to my ENCORE timeline and begin from there, OR should I let this building process continue, even if it's slowing everything else down? If SOMEBODY could answer that I will read the damn manual 100 times.

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                                              Curt Wrigley Level 4

                                              You need a fundamental knowledge of DVDs.  Here are the basics:


                                              • DVDs require the video be in MPG2 format.  MPG2 format is highly compressed ergo can fit up to 2 hours of video on a dvd.
                                              • You can get your video into MPG2 format different ways.  Let Premiere do it, or let encore do it.  I suggest the easisest is this:
                                              1. You already have a completed project in Premiere.  So use dynamic link to send the sequence to Encore
                                              2. Encore will open with the imported sequence in the bin.
                                              3. Author the DVD (this means make a menu, or make it auto play)  Details of how to authro are beyond the scope of this post
                                              4. Burn the DVD (once authroed) from encore to DVD disk.  Encore will automatically encode it to MPG2 for you then burn it to disk.
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                                                lilsull13 Level 1

                                                Thanks for your detailed help and courtesy Curt. It looks like I'm on the right track..just need to fix one thing.

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                                                  John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                  I said I would post over there http://forums.adobe.com/thread/490619?tstart=0 but since the followup is here...


                                                  Creating a SIMPLE movie in Encore3


                                                  This is for NTSC, PAL may have different file specifications


                                                  Export from P-Pro as AVI (should be DV AVI Type 2 48khz sound)


                                                  Close Premiere and open Encore


                                                  Create or Open an NTSC Project


                                                  File—Import As Timeline, and select AVI File(s)


                                                  Drag a Menu to the Project Panel


                                                  In the Monitor-Menu Panel, Right Click and CLEAR unused Buttons


                                                  In Project Right Click Menu and set as First Play


                                                  In Flowchart Drag AVI to the Menu, set End Action to Last Menu


                                                  In Monitor-Menu Right Click and hold the new Menu Item 1 and Drag to a new Location, then Right Click and Rename


                                                  In Build Window…


                                                  I always build an ISO and use the FREE Imgburn to have more control over the burning settings (burn at the slowest speed possible for a better burn) use Verbatim or Tayio Yuden discs


                                                  Change the ISO’s Name via the Browse function


                                                  Click the Check Project and fix any errors


                                                  Last step is to actually build the ISO File


                                                  Let Encore use the AUTOMATIC encoding option


                                                  Burn the ISO with http://www.imgburn.com/


                                                  Even Empty the DVD-ROM says it uses 526k – usual overhead

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                                                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                    In very simple terms, you should Export your Project's Sequences as elemental streams. This is one Video-only file (no Audio), and one Audio-only file. The Video should be DV-AVI Type II and the Audio should be PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit Audio only.


                                                    Now, Import the DV-AVI Type II file(s) as a Timeline in Encore. Import the PCM/WAV files as an Asset. From the Project Panel in Encore, drag each Audio file to the respective Timeline. They will snap into place.


                                                    Create the proper navigation with your Menus, any Playlists, or Chapter Playlists. Check Project, and then burn from Encore to a DVD-5 (for up to about 120 mins. Duration), or to a DVD-9 (DL) for longer. Leave settings on Automatic.


                                                    Fo your "orphan Menus," the Encore forum is a far better place to ask about those. Please list your Assets, Project and Navigation in as much detail as you can.


                                                    See you in the Encore forum,