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    AIR Badge Install fails on Macromedia Certificate Error

    Jeff Battershall Level 1

      I noticed my AIR Badge installer stopped working with the message “A download error occurred, would you like to try again” when the person did not have Adobe AIR installed previously.  The badge installer is supposed to download AIR seamlessly as part of the process.


      I snooped with Charles and found that the loaded air.swf file was attempting to access https://www.macromedia.com and this request is returning a certificate error.  Attempting to access the url on my home machine directly using gives me the message that the cert is not from a trusted authority.  Attempting to access that url from my work machine results in a re-direct to Adobe.com.


      Anyone got a clue as to what the heck is going on? Am I dealing with an outdated version of the badge?  I got this from the Flex SDK 3.4 samples directory.