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    Mixing 1080i and 720p

    Jack Banatoni Level 1

      Hi,  I have a shoot coming up where I'll need a second camera.  My primary camera for this project so far has been a JVC GY-HD200UB, shooting HDV 720p 30fps.  Both of my second camera options only record HDV 1080i (a Sony HVR-A1U and Canon XH-A1).  I'm leaning towards the Sony because it seems to handle low light a little better and it will be a dark location.  How should I handle the 1080i footage in regards to my 720p project?  Down convert it to a new file, then import?  Just bring it into the same project and scale to fit?  Will it be glaringly obvious that some shots are interlaced?  Has anyone here mixed footage?  What were the results?  Thanks! JB