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    missing data file 33:4


      When I tried to open my project in AE7 I received an error message "missing data file 33:4" and it will not open this project that I have spent many many hours working on!  The project file appears to be corrupt.  Is there anyway that I can retrieve this file?  Is there any way I can retrieve any of the comps that were in this project file?  Help!

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          You can try to import it into another project (just as you would import footage). That may salvage one or the other comp. If you used auto-save, of course picking out one of those files might be an option. Other than that, there is no way to restore all data. Therefore you really should make it a habit to save incremental versions. AE's project files are really small and there is no harm in having versions 1 to 100 to always have the option to go back...