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    Can I limit options when creating digital sig?

    Michelle Masters

      Hi, all.  Thanks, in advance, for any help :-)


      We have created an application in LiveCycle and have incorporated digital signatures to allow applicants to sign the various forms within the application, including W-4 and I-9.  I have several questions and will post some as other topics, but let's start with this...


      The average person filling out one of these applications jack around with options in the create digital ID wizard that they don't need to change, so I want to know if there is a way to lock down these options, such as the font, digital sig file type, country and show only the create new ID option in the first dropdown rather than showing every ID that's been created on that pc.  As well, some options are totally unneccesary and I would like them to not show up at all.


      Is there any way I can change these things in the wizard?




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          As I mentioned in my reply to yuor other question, when Acrobat is used to create a digital certificate, it is creating a self-signed certificate that conforms to the X509 certificate standard.  I'm sure that the information that the self-signed certificate creation wizard in Acrobatis capturing is necessary to create a valid X509 digital certificate.


          There is no way that I am aware of to "customize" the self-signed certificate creation wizard in Acrobat.