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      I just wanted to get some general advice on some things. For my work, I build Flash applications that run on touch screens. These applications run 24-7. They pull data through XML from our server, and when they are inactive they run full screen streaming H.264 video. I've only really been writing serious ActionScript for just over a year, but feel I've tackled memory allocation issues fairly efficiently.


      My problem:

      Since upgrading to CS4/Flash Player 10 I've been having issues with my apps crashing. The code is exactly the same and never crashed with Flash Player 9, but all of a sudden, especially when the video resumes play when the touch screen is inactive, the application crashes just about every hour.


      My questions:


      - Is there a chance this has to do with Flash Player 10?


      - My apps run very smooth and do not slow down over time, as I've read is a problem if you're not handling the memory correctly, and this was a problem for me for some time too until I learned more about it and rewrote my code. Is there still a chance there is a memory leak if my apps continue to run smooth? I fear the way I'm instantiating the Tween class may be an issue, I declare the variable but do not define it until on MOUSE_DOWN of a button, then I assign a new Tween to that variable. This is necessary as the object the tween affects is constantly changing.


      - Is building Flash Projectors already an outdated method?




      Any thoughts or suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!