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    Mocha "whiteout" - all is white

    ingvarai Level 1
      I installed Mocha For After Effects a couple of days ago, and all worked fine. When I fire it up today, the viewport is all white, I see no video images at all. Mocha can load my video, fine. It detects the correct amount of frames in the video, no prob. And it works its way through all frames, caching the video.

      However - I see no video? I have tried all kinds of settings etc, still the panel where my video used to be is white as snow. I have tried with a variety of videos - all is white. Is there a method "reset all to default" or anything I can try? Or does anybody know what setting I might have tweaked to get this "whiteout"?

      All is white - only white..
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          ingvarai Level 1


          found out about it myself:

          From the FAQ:

          Imagineer products use QuickTime to load AVI files. This means that the only codecs supported are those supported by QuickTime. If your AVI file loads into one of our products as a white image, then this is usually because the codec is unsupported. Convert the AVI into either a MOV or image sequence and you will be able to load it.


          So many formats to render to and from and in-between when making video.. I thought that at least an AVI file would be universal.. And an uncompressed is, but I want to use compressed files if possible..



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8
            > but I want to use compressed files if possible..


            Beware of using lossy compression at any stage of your work before final delivery. You really, really want to work with the best possible footage throughout your post-production work. Lossy compression before the very end plays havoc with keying, tracking, rotoscoping, etc.


            See "Planning your work" for more information.

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              ingvarai Level 1

              Hi Todd,


              I only use lossless compressison, like the Lagarith (32 and 64 bit). This topic has been discussed for weeks and months over in the Sony Vegas user groups, where I use to hang out. Sony Vegas supports the MXF file format, almost same file sizes as the AVCHD files (MTS, M2TS etc), and almost no visible (actually I can't se any) degradation in 3rd and 4th, or even eight generation.

              I am old enough to have worked with both analog sound and analog video, so I know what this is about.

              "Pure" AVI (uncompressed) should be the safest bet.. but they become H U G E..


              Well, what I do in my workflow, is to use proxy files (in Vegas the MXF format) and do the final render using the original files. This topic is about Mocha, and here I (up till now at least) only use Mocha to generate tracking data.



              There are several AVI codecs that work fine in Mocha according to some tests I made just now:

              • Cinepak
              • Intel
              • Microsoft Video 1
              • And something called TechSmith



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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Well, basically it doesn't support DirectDraw AVIs that use hardware acceleration for faster playback and drawing (DivX, Xvid etc.), only formats that also have legacy Windows media format interface. As for the discussion on whether or not footage can be compressed: I would not go crazy over it for mocha. Since it uses area pattern detection instead of isolated feature tracking, there will always be enough headroom for it even on heavily compressed footage.



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                  i had the same problem but i shot the scene with a iphone

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                    Dave LaRonde Level 6

                    oweng69928908  wrote


                    i had the same problem but i shot the scene with a iphone


                    Yeah, well, that sucks.  Unadorned iPhones don't shoot even close to professional video.  Unless you get an app that forces your phone to shoot a a consistent frame rate in a good codec your video will continue to stink.

                    I don't have an iPhone so I forget the name of the app