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    Embed a Chm into a project

      I need to embed a compiled help file into another help project. I would rather embed a single file rather than an entire project so that I only need to make edits (in regard to the compiled version) in a single place. Is this possible? It is a substantial amount of files and will save me so much time if I can just embed a single file.

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          CraigCC Level 2
          Hi tmccoysrc,

          I'm trying to work out what you are trying to do, so apologies for questions rather then answers at this stage.

          Do you want to create a .chm file that links to another topic in a .chm file?
          Do you want to include an existing .chm file in your existing project - if that is the case you could merge the two project together.
          Do you just want to import a specific topic into your existing project?

          Just need a little more detail to help us understand what you are tyring to achieve.

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            tmccoysrc Level 1
            Thanks for your reply. I am writing a help system for a number of products (product A, and product B) that utilize the same satellite program (Product C). Product C has its own help system.

            I want Product C's help file in its own section of the TOC for both A and B.

            By merging the projects, doesn't that include all the files from Product C? I am reluctant to do that, as I want one single place to update files for Product C.

            Thanks for your help.
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              Hi tmccoysrc,

              When you merge compiled help, it's only the compiled chm that you need to copy, not the entire project. When you click the Merge button and select the project to merge, it asks you if you want to copy the chm file into the current project (or something along those lines - it's a while since I did it). This means that you can maintain a separate help project for Product C, and simply merge the compiled chm for Product C into both the Product A and the Product B help projects. If you update the help for Product C, you have to remember to copy the new chm file into the Product A and Product B folders when you've recompiled it, but that's an easy thing to do.

              Hope this helps.