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    Media Offline.......or is it?? Please help.


      First off, I'm new to this forum, so I will be as thorough as I can.


      Using MacPro Quad Intel

      4GB RAM

      Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

      Canon xha1s - Canon HV30


      I am mainly a wedding videographer, I down convert and burn DVD's.



      My problem.



      JUST LATELY, when I open my projects, mainly one in particular....I either get red screens of MEDIA OFFLINE or none of the time-lined footage shows up anywhere. On the left workspace where all clips are stored, everything is there still, captured movie files are still where I captured them to. Sometimes the icon for my movie files have a recycled looking arrow on them, not the normal icon for a movie file. I have started a new project and imported the entire project over to the new one with no success, it still gives me a media offline message. If I try to import the original movie files over again, I get a File Video Dimension (width/height) too large message. Whatever that means in this case?

      I know with some of my HD footage, the Mpegs load themselves and sometimes I have to wait for them to load, but with std def footage, it never "loads" and is always right there. I have enclosed a SCREEN SHOT of my project also....


      I will gladly try anything and will thank you guys upfront for being so caring and helpful on these posts.


      Any suggestions or input??


      THANK YOU!