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    adding link titles to all pages

    Mortimer IOU Level 2

      I've completed all the pages for a site design in FW CS4, but now want to add title=" " to each hyperlink. There are repeated hotspots in all the site pages, where I copy/pasted from hotspots on the first page. So I'm wondering if there is a way to add the title code to all the repeated links at once, without going into Dreamweaver and doing it one at a time.

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          Nadia-P Level 5

          I don't export HTML from Fireworks so can't help with the FW side of things.


          But what about a search and replace using DW would that work better for you?

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            Mortimer IOU Level 2

            Thanks Nadia, that's what I've been doing. But it is cumbersome when there are a lot of pages with the same links and I was just wondering if there is a simpler way using FW.

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              pixlor Level 4

              I don't know whether or not you can add link titles in Firerworks, because I don't use Fireworks to produce HTML. It isn't an HTML authoring environment, and whenever I've looked into its HTML I've wished I hadn't!



              I do have a suggestion for you, that might be useful to you.


              My favorite text editor is TextPad (www.textpad.com). It's shareware (more than worth it, to me!), but there's a trial you can use. It can perform search and replace across multiple open documents. To change the link titles in 20 documents, you'd open your 20 documents, set up your search/replace for "All documents," and hit "Replace All." Then move on to the next link title. If you need to search and replace something that spans more than one line, you can check the box to use the regular expressions. For new lines, use \n (for tabs, use \t).

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                Mortimer IOU Level 2



                Thanks pixlor, that helps a lot.


                I've just started using Fireworks regularly, and still am not clear on when to go to DW to finish my work. One thing I have discovered is that after adding the title code in DW, then going back to FW to make other changes, the title code disappears after exporting the html. So had to add it again. Your solution saved me a lot of time.

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  Glad it worked for ya!


                  I wouldn't want to give up Dreamweaver, but I'd give it up before TextPad, which just has too many useful features.


                  When to move over from FW to DW... That varies from individual to individual. I don't use exported code from FW, because there's just too much to re-do. Makes more sense for me to start from scratch. The code's more robust if I start from Dreamweaver, so I use FW only for graphics.


                  You might read the comments and check out the links in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/478625



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                    Pixlor is right...TextPad is a wonderful tool for replacing text.  It has saved me a lot of time.