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    How to export Flash Ad?


      I'm a beginner and everytime I export my Flash Ad, it shows up as black screen (my background color).  And everytime I play it back in Flash, I have to press return to get to the next frames.  What am I doing wrong??

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          __antonio__ Level 3

          You must have a stop(); action on the first frame. delete that and it should play.

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            audreylorea Level 1

            Ok, I removed all of the stop actions but now I have a new problem.  The text doesn't stay in the frame long enough to read --hence why I put in the stop action in the first place.  How do I deal with this?

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              Publish as AS 2.0 and add this script



              var interval:Number = setInterval(

                                                                          function():Void {







              This will pause your animation and then start it up again.

              The 3000 on the second to last line is 3 seconds - change to however long you want to pause (2000 for 2 seconds etc)


              Create new AS timeline for each separate pause. Where you want the animation to pause on the timeline add a Keyframe and apply above script to this frame.


              This works great for me.

              Make sure you create new AS timeline for each pause - pauses won't work in your document if the script for multiple pauses is on the same timeline.

              good luck