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    Export audio from Presenter to MP3?

    Nealf21 Level 1

      Is there a simple way to export the audio from a Presenter presentation to a another file, such as an MP3? I am an educator, and some students want the presentations as audio podcasts that they can listen to while commuting, etc.


      If Presenter cannot do this, is there a workaround?


      I could stitch together all the individual audio files manually, but that would be too tedious for a large presentation. Is there a program that will do this.

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          John K.
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            Re: export audio from Presenter as 1 file


            So, do we really have to buy another product to export the MP3 files from an Adobe Presenter file as 1 MP3 file?!

            Surely, in 5 years, Adobe have built the functionality to do this from within Presenter?

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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              There is not an export audio function in Presenter. This could be for many reasons, but it may also be just lack of demand (that Adobe has heard). The other problem is that Presenter doesn't use a single MP3 file, there is one (sometimes more than one) for each slide.


              As to the Audition, or other audio editing programs, I do feel that is a solution. However, I have found that recording my audio in a dedicated audio program gives me better editing capabilities and better quality. It also provides me with the ability to easily combine or export the audio for the presentation into multiple formats, meeting different needs. I personally don't use Audition because it doesn't give me the ability to take a single audio file, place markers and then split the audio file by the markers. To be fair, it may do that, but I just haven't sorted out how to do it. But, any tool should work. If you have the Creative Cloud, then try Audition. If you don't, you can try Audacity, which is free. Or, you can pick something in between, I like the AVS suite of tools, which is $59 and isn't a limited time price like they indicate. There are many others out there, so find one that you like if this will fit your need.

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                MarcusH Level 1

                Many thanks for that Jorma.

                Appreciate it.

                I have a concern though about the awkwardness of then synchronising the slides and audio.

                Seems a workable but fiddly process to go through.

                As Presenter creates a single presentation file that includes both audio & video, you would have thought Adobe could write a utility that would just extract the audio from that overall file.