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    Bulleted lists using styles don't seem to work

    cyclingdude Level 1

      RoboHelp 8, Windows XP Pro SP-3


      After many frustrating hours, I have given up trying to get bulleted lists to work using styles. I can sort of define the style correctly either from the Styles List or by editing the CSS, but when I attempt to apply the style to some text in a topic, nothing happens. There is no change in the text.


      Also, I am not real clear about the relationship between the Styles List and the CSS.


      Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.


      Bob Boller

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          We've discussed this quite a few times already, so search the forum for similar posts. You'll find a more comprehensive solution there.


          Here's a summary:



          It's probably to do with the way you style the list. Just selecting a list from the drop down menu won't work anymore in RH8. Instead, First create a list, then select a style. In your style sheet, define a paragraph style and a corresponding list item style (p.paragrahp and li.p-paragraph). Set the list styling in the list class, not the paragraph class!


          Best solution:

          - Use list classes. Create different classes for different lists (ul.bullet, ol.alpha, etc). Apply list classes in html mode.

          - Define multi-level lists in robo8 and stick to those (some forum members will disagree with this advice though).


          If you have any questions after reading the other posts about faulty lists in Robo8, feel free to post back.