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    Where put the files in Mac .app projector bundle?

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      I just read a technote in the knowledgebase on considerations for creating a Mac projector bundle. For OSX, the note seemed to suggest that you should place them in the Contents folder.  The example they give has the executable in the MacOS and a file called example,dir in the Contents folder. I am trying to test a bundle I created in Windows Dir 11.5 on a PowerBook running Mac OSX 10.5.  My executable called launcher was automatically bundled into the .app/Contents/MacOS folder   Then I copied my dcrs into the Contents folder, the first of which menu.dcr is the first one the launcher goes to, but can't find it.  I tried placing the content in the same folder as the executable first, but that didn't work so I read the technote.  Now placing them in the Contents folder does not work either.  That technote seems a bit old so I am wondering where the app files go now and if the launcher can use a gotoNetMovie "menu.dcr" to find the first file of the app?  Everything works in Windows, but every single app I have tried to convert to Mac has required major adjustments so I expect the same here?

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          Thanks Rob,


          I actually found that thread last night while looking for a solution from someone - I saw it on the right side of my question listed as - More like this, but have been waiting for one of my studnets to tell me if the test file I placed on the web worked or not. My PowerMac G4 can't handle these 11.5 .apps without crashing on sound and fileio etc etc. You also have to be careful not to forget to add the xtras to this new starter movie or script errors will occur.


          It is really amazing that the placement of files in a bundle was changed in D11 and Adobe did not include this in their documentation or in the help file. In MX 2004, linked files would logically go in the same folder as the executable /Content/MacOS.  Now the bundle has no idea where the linked files are and you have to create this stub movie to tell Director where to search. Cross platform application development is still a very important part of Director development and so this change should be documented and there should be a chapter in the Using Director explaining that creating a Mac .app from your Windows project will likely not work without a lot of tweaking of paths, fonts, sounds, net commands, fileio, etc. etc.  You should also be able to type ".app" or "bundle" into the help search system and get something other than topic not found.


          I will give you credit for your reply though - thank you!